Valentine Flowers -Top 6 Picks

It is never too early or too late to be in Valentine’s mood. It is also never too early to place a pre-order for the most luxurious flower arrangements for your loved one! Across the internet, in the floral stores or even at the supermarkets, there are plenty of choices when it comes to Valentine flowers. Even after being spoilt for choice, it is the most difficult decision to pick out the perfect combination to present to your partner.

Flowers are most significantly a powerful way to express your feelings of love. Their simple beauty is undeniable, and the receiver is reminded of your love every time and every day they receive flowers. What better if they are Valentine flowers! Here are some suggestions of flowers to express your feeling of ‘I love you’, this Valentine’s day.  Just pick one of them, and your loved one will be super appreciative of your effort!

  1. Orchids

Tropical arrangements like the orchids are reminiscent of their place of origin, adding a hint of exotic fantasy to your floral mix. These delicate flowers represent grace, luxury, love and strength!

  1. Daisies

Daisies typically look naive and pleasurable, but a scarlet one is a sweet and unexpected choice to articulate love. Pick out a multicoloured bunch to say “I am in awe of you,” “you make me cheerful” or even to say “I adore you”!

  1. Lilies

Lilies are refined and sophisticated, but a strong alternative. A Red Peruvian Lily, which combines scarlet heart-shaped petals with a hint of yellow, is the perfect selection for a Valentine or a Mini Calla Lily, which combines magnificence and loveliness with purity and virtuousness.

  1. Carnations

Pink carnations signify a mother’s unending love—and their budget friendly price means you can afford a substantial bouquet. After all, a child can always be a Valentine for their parent!

  1. Tulips

Tulips showcase fresh beginnings and fresh romances. A perfect scarlet tulip represents “perfect love,” according to one Turkish legend!

  1. Roses

It is no surprise that roses are presented on Valentine’s Day. However, the choice of selecting the perfect rose may not be an easy one. Every colour of a rose signifies some meaning. First and foremost, you need to have a clear understanding of your feeling towards the person you are presenting the rose. A red rose stands for an ‘I love you’. A white one is more on the lines of innocence and charm. A yellow rose is a friendship, and one with a red tip signifies the start of a new romance!

Any of the above choices are ideal as Valentine flowers. If your loved ones are in India, it is also possible to send Valentine’s Day flowers to India. Just visit online and place an order with the many possible delivery options! Remember, there is nothing enough you can do for your loved ones! Everything seems less for the giver, and everything seems more for the receiver. Yet, a presentation of flowers is definitely a thoughtful one!